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1. The #SAOTOMEMARATONA Runner's Fair is the meeting point for all the race participants to collect the  BIB number.

2. To collect the race number, the runner must go personally and will have to show their registration receipt and passport or identification document with a photograph to be able to collect the race number and the runner's bag. If you can't go to the event a third person can pick it up as long as they carry a document that authorizes them and that includes their name, surname, passport and signature.

3. No BIB number will be delivered on the 26th OF JUNE 2022.

4. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and registrations are non-transferable. We are sorry, but we cannot allow exceptions. If you can't participate, you can't sell your registration. You cannot transfer your registration to next year's event, or to future events in our marathon.

Location and Hours of the RUNNER'S FAIR